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Strong Home Mortgage provides first-rate mortgage services as well as mortgage financial literacy on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to bolster your position. We are veteran-owned and licensed in 46 U.S. states. Our team of over 250 seasoned professionals is passionate and delivers a transparent, efficient process. We offer a range of home mortgage solutions (conventional, VA, FHA, Jumbo) plus a Premium Buyers program and a $6,000 on-time closing guarantee for today’s competitive market. We look forward to serving you.

Stable Payment – Fixed Rate

Loans with a fixed rate will offer you the stability of a permanent payment that will not increase over time. This allows you to set a budget and know that your mortgage principal and interest payment will be the same amount until your loan is paid off. You are able to combine this feature with our conventional, VA, or Jumbo loans.

Low Payment – Adjustable Rate

Adjustable rates are a great option to secure a lower payment for an initial period of time and perhaps longer. Usually the rate is lower than a fixed rate in the beginning of the loan. The rate would be fixed for a number of years and then adjust after an agreed amount of time at the end of the fixed rate period. This adjustment could increase or decrease the rate causing a change in payment. We offer five, seven and ten year initial fixed period adjustable rate loan options. If you know your situation will be changing in the future and the potential increase or decrease in payment is an acceptable risk for you, the adjustable rate option may be a better decision. Like the fixed rate above, you are able to combine this option with conventional, VA or Jumbo loan programs.

Military Veterans – VA Program

To those families that endured through a loved one’s service to our country, we are eternally grateful. We appreciate and thank all Veterans for their service. This home loan option guaranteed through the Veteran’s Administration will usually provide better options from other sources of financing. Features include zero down payment, maximum access to home equity, flexible underwriting, lower interest rates and convenient refinance options if rates decrease after your loan closes. Regardless of the amount you wish to finance, or any other circumstances please inquire about this option if you are military Veteran with our armed services.

Flexible Qualifying – FHA Program

The Federal Housing Administration’s mission is to promote housing in the United States. The FHA option has allowed lenders to have more flexible underwriting rules to allow for more people to obtain home ownership or refinance to improve their financial conditions. Through FHA, it allows for people with some blemished credit history more eased underwriting criteria. This option is available to all income levels and for previous home owners.

Larger Loans – Jumbo

If you are looking for loan sizes not offered through conventional loan programs by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, private investors or banks offer financing for loans into the millions. Each program is unique and provides different features that may provide exactly what you are looking for. We would be happy to review your situation to help find a program that meets your needs.


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