Our Process

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What to expect when you contact our team?

The Consultation Stage

The Consultation Stage starts as soon as we receive your request to be contacted and one of our experienced licensed loan consultants will contact you to begin the process.  With the initial conversation, we’ll be able to learn more about you, your home and financial picture.  We often uncover many different options to lower your monthly debt payments, lower your overall interest payments or help you become debt free much sooner than you planned.  Our aim is to help you understand what is available to you and guide you through our easy process to obtain the home loan that works for you. This free consultation has no obligation and we look forward to earning your trust and the opportunity to work with you if we find a solution that suit your needs.

What happens next when you apply?

The Application Stage

In the Application Stage, your loan officer and dedicated team will work with you to walk through the next steps. Based on your circumstances, we will provide a list of required items needed for your loan approval. Using our secure online portal to upload your documents, we make the process easy and convenient. Along the way, our team will keep you informed so you always know what’s going on and what to expect next. We take pride in delivering an outstanding customer experience and hope to earn your business in the years to come. Once the loan is approved by our internal underwriting team, we will coordinate a date with you to sign the final paperwork. Often, we can arrange for the final closing process to be done in your home or at a local office, all at a convenient time chosen by you.

What happens after we close?

The Closed Stage

This is the closing stage. Congratulations! We hope the experience exceeded your expectations. Even though we have completed the process for your new mortgage, we’re not out of reach. We will always be there when you want us for any questions or future needs.  At your discretion, we will keep you informed of any future opportunities to take advantage of with respect to your home loan needs. Our mission is to be the company that first comes to your mind when you need transparent and sound mortgage advice.Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of your financial team. We look forward to hearing from you again.