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Strong Home Mortgage provides first-rate home mortgage services as well as mortgage financial literacy on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We're veteran-owned and licensed in 46 states plus Washington DC. Our team of seasoned professionals is passionate and eager to help. Enjoy single point-of-contact communications on your home mortgage for fewer handoffs, more availability, better dialogue, and smoother closing. For today's homebuying market, we offer home loan types to assist first-time homebuyers and premium buyers, plus a useful $6,000 on-time closing guarantee. For the 44% of Americans now considered equity-rich (Attom Data, Equity Rich Americans, 2022), we offer more ways to cash out with our 1-800-CASHOUT drive. Our reputation is outstanding. Strong Home Mortgage averages 4.8 stars across 6,000+ reviews. We're a "Top 10 Lender in Customer Satisfaction" for three quarters running (Lending Tree: Q3 2021-Q1 2022).


Your personal finances are both a fortress and a garden — protect and nurture. At Strong Home, we believe strength is a careful watch. To bolster your position, we’ve developed a series of advantages you can make your own.

  • Single Point-of-Contact. We limit handoffs to improve communication, accuracy, and timing. A loan officer manages the entire process for you as both advisor and quarterback.
  • Personalized Mortgage Planning. We take a deep dive into your finances. If there’s a way to save money, then we’ll uncover it. The result is a custom plan, tailored to your goals.
  • More Options, Greater Ability to Customize. An unprecedented market demands a higher work rate. Our product mix and niched offerings power more choices for cashflow and castle.
  • Premium Buyer Program. Receive a pre-approval letter which involves an underwriter review.¹ Elevated confidence in you is contagious for sellers.
  • On-Time Closing Guarantee. If closing is delayed due to the fault of Strong Home Mortgage, then get a $5,000 credit toward your closing costs with a $1,000 credit to the seller).²
  • Distinguished Reputation. Commitments to customer satisfaction have resulted in a stellar rating of 4.8 stars across 6,000+ reviews on Trustpilot, Zillow, Lending Tree, and more.³
  • Veteran-Owned and Operated (U.S. Army). We’re proud to support the armed forces with beneficial VA Loans for veterans, active-duty servicemembers, reservists, and spouses.
  • Mortgage Academy. The future is bright as our very best train recent college graduates and professionals transitioning from other industries to become top notch loan professionals.

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¹A pre-approval letter is not a final loan approval or commitment to lend. Additional requirements apply after receipt of a pre-approval letter. Contact a loan officer to learn more.

²For eligibility requirements, visit:

³Current as of 5/12/22.

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